About Joomla!®

Joomla!® is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that allows state of the art websites to be created, incorporating innovative ideas in development and featuring the most up-to-date and diverse components. Joomla! offers powerful extensibility and functionality which makes it the most popular website software available for web content.


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Capturing Your Vision

 We specialize in Joomla! website design and development, making your website top of the line in today's cutting edge technology on any computer and mobile device!  We offer search engine optimization and website marketing strategies so that your website stands out to further business potential.  Our team of highly experienced website designers and developers, pioneer the vison you have for your website, enticing users to find exactly what they are searching for.

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Top 25 Reasons

Need a few more reasons to choose AllAboutWebServices?
Here are 25:

Custom Servers - Custom build your server with more options to meet the needs of your business. Chose from different processors, multiple hard drives, RAM upgrades and a variety of software and service options -- AllAboutWebServices gives you flexibility where others don’t.

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Screaming Fast Network™ - Because we are located in San Francisco’s largest telecom building and have many demanding International customers, AllAboutWebServices has built an unbeatable network with connections to over 45 carriers. Your server will be directly connected to many of the world’s Tier 1 backbones including UUNet, NTT/Verio, Level 3, AboveNet, and peering at PAIX, the original Internet Exchange.

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Full 100Mbps Connection - Many dedicated server companies limit your bandwidth and throughput to 10Mbps or less. At AllAboutWebServices you always get a full 100Mbps fast Ethernet connection to the Internet for maximum performance. You may not always need it, but it is nice to know it is there to handle any sudden spikes in your traffic.

HSRP – Discount dedicated server companies save money by cutting back on network infrastructure. At AllAboutWebServices, we’ve engineered our network so every server is connected to two upstream access routers using Cisco’s redundant Hot Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP). This means that if there is a problem with one router due to maintenance or failure, your server automatically and seamlessly begins sending traffic over the other router without any interruption in traffic flow.

Private VLANs – Every AllAboutWebServices server is configured on its own private VLAN network. This means that cross traffic between servers on the same switch is eliminated, and your server is unlikely to be affected by extreme traffic or problems with neighboring servers.

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Remote Reboot – All AllAboutWebServices dedicated servers include remote power cycling capability at no additional cost! If your server locks up and requires a reboot, why wait for a technician to do a manual reboot while your business is losing money? With AllAboutWebServices, you can log in to our secure, password protected customer portal and instantly reboot your own server.

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Flexible Topology – AllAboutWebServices gives you the flexibility not just to customize your server hardware, but also to customize your architecture to fit your exact hosting requirements. From private back-end networks for transferring data between your servers, to load balanced clusters, to a local data base server hidden from the Internet behind web servers, we believe that outsourcing your hosting infrastructure shouldn’t mean that you no longer have the freedom to design your server architecture to meet your needs.

Multiple Server Discounts – Web hosting resellers and Internet businesses that need a lot of servers are our best customers, so we give you large discounts including free setup on any server after your first and recurring monthly discounts as high as 30%!

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Location, Location, Location - AllAboutWebServices operates out of the #1 Internet center in the world, the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area. Over 39% of US Internet traffic, and 30% of World Internet traffic either originates or terminates here. And we are the only company exclusively focused on dedicated servers that is located here -- shouldn't you have a server in San Francisco?

No Taxes
Save up to 10% by not paying sales tax on your server every month! California is one of the few states that supports the Internet Tax Freedom Act, while Texas, Florida and some other states require their ISPs to charge you sales tax.
No Contracts
Most AllAboutWebServices services can be cancelled with 30 days notice. We rely on great service to keep our customers, not contracts.
No Hidden Fees
At AllAboutWebServices, you won't find cut-rate services with tons of add-on charges -- just upfront pricing and fully customizable servers so you only pay for what you need.
No Sharing
AllAboutWebServices is exclusively focused on providing dedicated servers. We do not offer any shared web hosting, so no one else is going to be using your hardware, software or bandwidth. Your server is your server.

Employee Owned – AllAboutWebServices is 100% employee owned and operated. This means that every AllAboutWebServices employee you work with is also an owner, and our whole team works in offices right on our main data center floor. It also means that we have no outside investors with different agendas or priorities other than serving our customers.

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Stable, Profitable Company – AllAboutWebServices was founded in January 2001 and has no investors and no equipment leases or debt. We are profitable and have been cash flow positive for each of the past two years. These days, financial infrastructure is a bigger risk to your service reliability than facilities infrastructure – all of the companies shutting down and going bankrupt over the past few years has proven this. AllAboutWebServices is a solid company and is here to stay.

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Experience You Can Trust – Our management team built one of California's largest ISPs back in the 1990s, attaining profitability and serving many hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. We started back in 1995, in the infancy of the commercial Internet, so we understand what it takes to provide high-quality Internet services.

Dedicated Account Representatives – Every AllAboutWebServices customer gets a dedicated Sales Representative to handle their account. Because we are not a very large company, your representative has the power to serve as your advocate, making sure you get your questions answered and that all of your hosting needs are taken care of promptly. For larger customers, we also have Dedicated Account Managers who work with the Sales Representatives and Customer Engineers to ensure top-notch customer service.

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Our Own Data Center – With all the hosting companies to choose from, it is often hard to tell them apart from their web sites. A company could look good, but just be one or two people renting a cage in someone else’s data center. AllAboutWebServices has been in business since January 2001 and we own and operate our own 20,000 square foot data center in downtown San Francisco.

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Unbeatable Infrastructure –AllAboutWebServices’s data center was originally built as by MCI, and we still share generators, power, cooling, and fire suppression infrastructure with MCI. The only other tenants in our building are MCI and AT&T, both of whom operate “super-nodes” for local San Francisco phone service here. So our infrastructure truly is Telecom carrier grade, and the building is considered an “essential facility” because 911 calls are routed through the local phone service equipment here.

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Guaranteed Performance -- AllAboutWebServices offers a Performance Guarantee and 99.999% uptime guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of our service we will work to make it right.

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Happy Customers -- We focus on the needs of our customers and dedicated servers exclusively. Since many of our customers are reselling web hosting or other services, we don't provide services that would compete with our customers or distract from our focus on providing the best server infrastructure possible.

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Responsive Support – AllAboutWebServices’s Customer Engineering team is always available to ensure that any problems you may encounter can be rapidly addressed. We provide technical support via an online ticketing system, live chat, and a toll-free phone number. We also have extensive monitoring systems in place to try to address potential issues before they become problems.


Top-Notch Engineering -- AllAboutWebServices's IT staff has decades of combined experience engineering Internet systems, and have been providing Internet services since the birth of the commercial Internet. Reliable Business-Class Service -- AllAboutWebServices is focused on the needs of business. We treat every customer's server and Internet presence as mission-critical, because today so many of them are.

Dedicated Server Specialist -- AllAboutWebServices is exclusively focused on providing dedicated servers. We don't offer shared web hosting, design services or other distractions. This means that all of our resources -- from sales and support to our hardware and network configurations -- are all devoted to providing you with the best dedicated server hosting possible.

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What Our Clients Say

Unique Joomla! Development Services Offered By All About Web Services

We have group of Joomla! programmers, who have expertise in developing unique and custom themes for Joomla websites. We are designing themes that represent our client's business and reflect their business branding and philosophy. Our Joomla! developers are highly experienced and very familiar with the latest PHP and Joomla versions. We will capture your vision while providing high quality work and customer service. We build websites that build relationships.

  •  Integrating latest Joomla! Technology
  •  Conducting W3C and WTML Validation
  •  Advanced Site SEO
  •  Components & Modules Development
  •  Layout and Template Adjustments
  •  Converting PSD Themes to Joomla!
  •  Customization of 3rd Party Modules
  •  Custom Logo Design & Branding
  •  Developing Packages for Google Services
  •  Managed & Secured Joomla! Hosting
  •  Customization of Joomla! Including Core Files
  •  Mobile Friendly & Responsive Joomla! Design


How Our Joomla! Development Service Differ from Others

Our Joomla! developer bring their best experience and creativity to design custom Joomla! Themes that are as unique as your business. The Joomla! themes designed by our developers are pixel perfect, table less CSS, W3C validated and cross-browser compatible. We have developed hundreds of dynamic and highly interactive web applications based on Joomla! A good website design is sure to grab your website visitor's attention. We can also customize existing Joomla! websites to easily integrate with your vision.

Heres how:

  • Using our proven technical expertise
  • Our Developed SEO technology reduces page loading time
  • Creating browser compatible Joomla! themes using latest technology
  • Designing layouts with user-friendly interfaces