About Joomla!®

Joomla!® is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that allows state of the art websites to be created, incorporating innovative ideas in development and featuring the most up-to-date and diverse components. Joomla! offers powerful extensibility and functionality which makes it the most popular website software available for web content.


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Capturing Your Vision

 We specialize in Joomla! website design and development, making your website top of the line in today's cutting edge technology on any computer and mobile device!  We offer search engine optimization and website marketing strategies so that your website stands out to further business potential.  Our team of highly experienced website designers and developers, pioneer the vison you have for your website, enticing users to find exactly what they are searching for.

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Server Support


Memory:·1024 MB DDR System Memory
Storage:·DUAL 80GB 7200RPM IDE Hard Disk
Transfer:1200 GB per month Premium Bandwidth
Fully Managed Level 1 - Level 3
IP Addresses:·4 :: Fantastico V2 :: 100Mbit Port

What we offer to all clients?

- Network Monitoring: Network will be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
- Software Installation: Server side software will be kept up-to-date depending on whether you have plain RedHat or Cpanel installed. We will install any extra software requested by the client such as Perl modules upon request.

- Security: We install security applications regularly to keep your server secure from hackers. Security patches are installed immediately when advisories are released along with FREE kernel upgrades
- Live Support built into our website

Why get cPanel / WHM?

It is powerful and each one of your clients you add to the server gets cPanel! Have more then one domain to add to YOUR server? this makes it so much easier! Host multiple domains on YOUR server. cPanel retails for $15 - $30 per month which is covered by us at cPanel.net Allaboutwebservices.com check out the demo's below:
User: cpdemo Pass: cpdemo

Why go the managed route?

Peace of mind: We make sure that your server is available constantly and not losing customers due to downtime and faulty system configuration. Some of the things we do for you at NO COST!

  • 99.9% Uptime SLA ( Service Level Agreement )
  • Kernel Upgrades, OS patches
  • Initial WHM setup
  • Daily Auto Backups configured on your behalf
  • Cpanel Updates / Upgrades
  • Backup restores
  • Dns configuration
  • Creating, deleting reseller accounts
  • We will install Zend, Curl, GD, imagemagick upon request at no cost!
  • Reboot server unlimited times
  • Hands support on with your machine
  • 24x7 Access to your machine on site!
  • DDOS Attack Migration Protection!
  • SSL installation assistance
  • Custom Nameserver's assistance
  • Enrollment in reselling BRANDED dedicated servers of your own!
  • FREE your own domain reseller account, domains will show your name in whois!

Flexibility: We install extra software as per your need like PERL modules or other requested software to provide added features.

We are here for YOU: We strive to offer you the very best support possible. That is why we will also help you with your PHP and Perl scripts or the setting up of a web site, email accounts, ftp accounts etc. Personal support is provided via email, and Support Desk.


Our Goal is to Help You Succeed

If you're thinking of getting your web site running smoothly so that you can focus your efforts on more important tasks, we're here to help.

Join a rapidly growing community of satisfied Allaboutwebservices.com clients, today! We have a diverse array of customers from all walks of business, however they all have one thing in common: They know good hosting when they find it, which is why our clients keep on renew their hosting packages, time and time again.

By letting Allaboutwebservices.com Hosting take care of your web hosting needs, you'll get to enjoy some of the best support and network connectivity in the industry. We guarantee it.

We Take Security Seriously

We at Allaboutwebservices.com know that your data is crucial to your business, therefore we have taken every possible measure to ensure your site's valuable content is protected from every possible hazard. Our datacenter is guarded 24/7, we have spared no expense in outfitting it with the latest in high quality security equipment.

Be it our multiple, redundant UPS backup systems and generators to ensure data integrity even during severe power outages, or our fingerprint identification entry system and banks of security cameras to prevent malicious intrusion, we have gone above and beyond to give you peace of mind when it comes to security.

Host with Allaboutwebservices.com and you can rest easy with the knowledge that your valuable data is in good hands.

You're growing

You don't need to spend half your time trying to make your server work for your larger company. You need to know you can upgrade your server when demand increases.

cPanel Features


Linux RedHat Operating System, Apache Web Server


Mail Manager: Create Unlimited Email Accounts/ Remove/Read (webmail) from any PC connected to the internet. Autoresponders, Email Lists, Forwarders, Mail Filtering...


Install/Uninstall FrontPage Extensions


Preinstalled Bulletin Board phpBB


POP3/IMAP Email Webmail, Neomail, Horde or SquirrelMail (allows you to access your mail from any computer connected to the internet, SquirrelMail allows you to access mail if you are using firewalls and Neomail or Horde will not work)


Fantastico2 offers a leading shopping cart program, OS Commerce


Preinstalled Shopping Cart Software: (Interchange is not supported here, Agora is and we do recommend OS Commerce, above)


PHP-Nuke is an advanced content management system


Search Engine Submissions


Preinstalled CGI Scripts (Counters, Guestbooks...)


Stats Programs. Find out how many people visit your website and where they are coming from.


FTP Accounts: Create FTP Accounts




File Manager: Upload your files to your hosting space through the control panel (Of course, you can also use an FTP client)


Error Pages: Customize Error Pages


Add/Remove MySQL Unlimited Databases, phpMyAdmin


Password Protect Directories


Raw Access Logs


Cron Jobs

DimeNoc Data Center
75% of web hosting companies do not have their own Data Center and have no access to their servers without the assistance of a 3rd party. If an issue ever arises, we can physically go to the server within 10 minutes and address the issue without relying on someone else. That is priceless and peace of mind for you, the client.

Access to the data center floors is restricted to those holding military grade pass cards. Furthermore, complete access to our floor is only permitted by allowance from the security guards at the front desk, around the clock. You can be safe in the knowledge that only a handful of highly trained, level-three technicians will be allowed within close physical proximity to your server.

All of our routers and switches are made by Cisco. Cisco is a tried and true manufacturer and we use nothing but the best, so Cisco is our only choice for all network hardware. We have made major and wise investments with them because we feel that using industry leading equipment that has a proven track record is the best choice, and is well worth the extra expense.

Our connections are the best connections, ran straight into our data center and your servers are the first to get zapped with these unrestrained highways. DimeNoc is located in a multi-homed connection. We do not use 1 carrier nor do we use cheap cogent bandwidth. We are connected to TIER 1 providers!
Our main lines are,

Level3 gigE , UUNET OC-12, and TimeWarner OC-48
Our bandwidth power is limitless for your account ...only according to your plan. ;)

OC-48 = 2,488 Mbps ... .....OC-12 = 655 Mbps .. .......gigE = 1,000 Mbps

The power systems in our data center are designed to run uninterrupted even in the unlikely event of a total power outage. All servers are fed with conditioned UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) power that will run if utility power fails. The UPS power subsystem is "N+1" redundant with instantaneous fail over in case the primary UPS fails.

Our data center's HVAC (Heating and Ventilation Air Conditioning) system is "N+1" redundant to ensure that - even in the event of an entire HVAC system failure - there is a duplicate system on standby to take over. An advanced fire-suppression system is in place to prevent any fire from spreading - in the unlikely event that one could start. All cables to servers and routing equipment are securely tied down, and cable racks suspended from the ceiling provide dual routes for all cables.This is so in the event that all cables on a cable rack are cut or burned, packets of data will automatically be routed to a second set of cables on the other side of the data center.

Climate control.
We have 4 Data Aire air conditioning units that provide optimal conditions for equipment operations. Climate control means that the air conditioning units monitor the temperature outside of the building and compare it to the temperature inside of the building. Of course, it is much more complicated than that description. Basically the important factors are that the temperature is maintained at a balance of the two, and also the humidity, airflow, and cleanliness of the air is monitored. Click here to see a more detailed description of just how clean and cool the air is inside of our data center. This is why our servers run so smooth and fast.

We invest a significant amount of time and money into our staff to make sure that they are knowledgeable and are capable of helping and handling our customers with patience and care. They also invest a great amount of time and care into us, knowing that they are working with a company that places people first and affordable pricing to get their dreams online. A company is only as good as the people who manage it. A network is only as good as the people who manage it. It all takes teamwork, and expertise.

That talented staff we speak of works around the clock to ensure that our network is operating at the most optimum state. We continually review our collected statistics and with very precise care and attention. We closely watch for traffic trends so that we can react with the proper routing adjustments and bandwidth additions. We choose to have a monitoring system projected on an entire wall and viewable at all times by anyone who walks into our offices.

  +1 (905) 721 1144
+1 (877) 721 1144
  All About Web Services
113 Bloor St. East.
Oshawa, Ontario
L1H 3M3


What Our Clients Say

Unique Joomla! Development Services Offered By All About Web Services

We have group of Joomla! programmers, who have expertise in developing unique and custom themes for Joomla websites. We are designing themes that represent our client's business and reflect their business branding and philosophy. Our Joomla! developers are highly experienced and very familiar with the latest PHP and Joomla versions. We will capture your vision while providing high quality work and customer service. We build websites that build relationships.

  •  Integrating latest Joomla! Technology
  •  Conducting W3C and WTML Validation
  •  Advanced Site SEO
  •  Components & Modules Development
  •  Layout and Template Adjustments
  •  Converting PSD Themes to Joomla!
  •  Customization of 3rd Party Modules
  •  Custom Logo Design & Branding
  •  Developing Packages for Google Services
  •  Managed & Secured Joomla! Hosting
  •  Customization of Joomla! Including Core Files
  •  Mobile Friendly & Responsive Joomla! Design


How Our Joomla! Development Service Differ from Others

Our Joomla! developer bring their best experience and creativity to design custom Joomla! Themes that are as unique as your business. The Joomla! themes designed by our developers are pixel perfect, table less CSS, W3C validated and cross-browser compatible. We have developed hundreds of dynamic and highly interactive web applications based on Joomla! A good website design is sure to grab your website visitor's attention. We can also customize existing Joomla! websites to easily integrate with your vision.

Heres how:

  • Using our proven technical expertise
  • Our Developed SEO technology reduces page loading time
  • Creating browser compatible Joomla! themes using latest technology
  • Designing layouts with user-friendly interfaces